Essential Contacts

We will always do whatever we can to support and advise residents. However, there are some areas outside our remit where we cannot help. For example, we receive very high volumes of inquiries regarding faults that need to be lodged with the City of Cape Town (CoCT). Here’s a list of contact details to help you resolve such issues as speedily as possible:

Abandoned vehicles and watercraft

Call the CoCT’s Law Enforcement team on 021 596 1999.

Animal cruelty or injured animals

SPCA in Grassy Park assists with animals in distress, including wild animals. Call 021 700 4158/4159, or 083 326 1604 after hours and on weekends.

Drug distributors or drug houses

Contact the CoCT’s toll-free number 107 from a landline or payphone; or 021 480 7700 from a cellphone.

Electricity and water or sanitation faults

CoCT has an excellent website where you can log electricity and water complaints:

Alternatively, to log an electrical fault, call 0860 103 089, SMS 31220 or email

To log a water or sanitation fault, call 0860 103 089, SMS 31373, or

Garden clearing and garden refuse

Homeowners are responsible for disposing of all garden waste. Please contact one of these Marina-based garden services:

  • Incredible Gardens, Jackie, 083 325 6193
  • Marina Garden Maintenance, Fernando 083 337 6771 or Louis 083 314 3478
  • Garden Solutions, 084 510 0409

Injured birds

Barefoot Rescue (birds and animals), Michelle, 082 780 3955.
Seabirds and penguins, 021 557 6155 or 078 638 3731 after hours.

Land grabs

Follow this link for guidance.

Noise Issues

Telephone the central call centre on 021 480 7700, stating clearly that you are calling from Marina da Gama – not Muizenberg.

Perimeter wall collapses/problems

Homeowners are responsible for maintaining their own perimeter walls. Please call a local contractor to assist if your wall is damaged or collapses. If there is an issue with a perimeter wall that is not linked to a property, then please call the MDGA office on 021 788 3311.


To log a pothole, call 080 065 6463. This 24/7 information centre is toll-free from your landline or cellphone. Alternatively, residents can email

Refuse collection

If your bin isn’t emptied, call 0860 103 089 or email

Sewerage spills

To report a sewerage spill, please call Lise Carswell, Environment Portfolio Holder, MDGA, on 083 292 7045.

Streetlight faults

To log a streetlight fault, call 0800 65 64 63 or email

Tree felling

Call JL Treefell on 083 364 6725 or 074 919 1082.


Homeowners are responsible for clearing waterweed from the water within 2 meters of their garden. You can buy waterweed rakes from Tony on 083 538 9303.